Fucking, Protest, and Shit: spyderqueen Seeing some people on Tumblr still bitching about how it’s too late for voting and the only thing that will fix things is revolution. How about you fucking vote anyway? It’s not going to seriously cut into your “sitting on the couch waiting for a revolution to start” time. There’s no “none of the above” option here. You want a revolution, fine, but there’s still little shit to do in the meantime. You can vote AND protest. They’re not exclusive. Hell, you can even protest the person you voted for when they fuck up. You’re not signing a blood oath with your ballot. But a desire for an ideologically pure candidate or nothing only serves the status quo right now. V 👏 O 👏 T 👏 E 👏. Get out there… early vote so less people have to wait in line November 6!

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I’m A Catch

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Quality Control

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It Can’t?

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Take Me Back

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