Animals, Girls, and Party: Me to my 6-year-old son: “You seem to like playing with the girls at school more than the boys. Why do you think that is?” 6-year-old son: “Sometimes I just don’t want to be pushed. It hurts and is mean. And the girls always pretend to be princesses or fun animals and stuff when they have tea parties. The boys just dump the tea all over the place. That’s just stupid and I don’t like wasting all that tea. It takes forever to make.” Me: “Wow, I can understand why you’d rather play with the girls. The boys seem like they’re kind of rough.” 6-year-old son: “And when I play with the girls they make me the king because none of the other boys want to play tea party.” Me: “Do you like being the king?” 6-year-old son: “Not really – I’d rather be a wizard, but it makes Georgia and Vivian happy” Source 182,193 notes

By | 25th July 2018

Animals, Girls, and Party: Me to my 6-year-old son:

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